Van Oord presents a white paper on Accelerating Climate Initiatives to underline its sustainable ambition and to inspire everyone involved. Prior to the launch, Van Oord introduced its sustainability programme S.E.A. A platform of Sustainable Earth Actions, to advocate successful solutions for facing global challenges.

In the white paper, the focus is on the acceleration of climate initiatives. It highlights the scale and scope of the climate challenges the world is facing and Van Oord proposes ways of meeting these challenges using adaptation measures. The publication of this white paper is the next step to showing Van Oord its commitment to sustainability and an open invitation to meet and inspire everyone involved.

About S.E.A.

In the upcoming century the world is facing many challenges in the field of water and energy. The goal will be to make societies more resilient and sustainable, and create a better world for future generations. Sustainability, innovation, and collaboration are key. Van Oord its S.E.A. programme is about taking action: accelerating climate initiatives, enhancing the energy transition, and empowering nature and communities. Examples of actions taken by Van Oord and its partners are to be found at the S.E.A. platform Van Oord will be presenting a series of white papers.