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Business Banking is a key pillar to ING’s overall strategy, established as a 3rd segment between Private Individuals/Retail Banking and Wholesale Banking. The segment covers three types of customers: Self-employed & Micro companies, SMEs, and Mid-Corporates.

Today, the Business Banking segment in ING serves approximately 2 million clients and generates about €3 billion revenue across seven markets: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Germany. The segment’s mission is to empower people to stay one step ahead by becoming the go-to place for our customers to manage and grow their business.

The opportunity

Sustainability is one of the world’s biggest challenges. Climate change threatens our planet and us all. Many people around the world struggle with inequality, poor financial health and a lack of basic human rights. Putting sustainability at the heart of what we do recognizes that we have a responsibility to society to define new ways of doing business that align economic growth with positive environmental and social impact. We live up to this responsibility because it is the right thing to do. And we’re determined to be a banking leader; building a sustainable future for our company, our customers, society and the environment.

Our commitment to sustainability leadership brings many business opportunities. However, there are also new risks that we’ll have to manage, as well as choices to make about what to do more of, less of or stop altogether – but always with client engagement as our starting point. Those choices will be difficult at times, but we are committed to action and impact.

We know that a growing number of INGs small business and mid-corporate customers around the world are looking to adopt sustainable business strategies to future-proof their business. As a direct result, new sectors are emerging and business models are being developed that require innovative financial solutions. We focus our efforts on two key areas to support our business customers and society at large: Climate Action & Financial Health.

As a bank, we play a pivotal role in this transition by providing sustainable financing and support services that help them to reach their sustainable performance goals. We realise that helping both individual and business customers provides ING with a great business opportunity and at the same time, contributes to a more sustainable global economy.

ING Global Business Banking is looking for a committed, ambitious and delivery-oriented Sustainability Manager who will drive the Business Banking Sustainability Strategy forward within the bank, supporting us to reach our targets across impact and business objectives. This position reports directly to the Head of Sales & Marketing in the Global Business Banking team.

Role and responsibilities

The Global Business Banking team is looking for a Sustainability Manager to support ING on delivering its Business Banking Sustainability Strategy. The Sustainability Manager will get the opportunity to take on a position within the global organization but also work very closely with the seven countries in which we operate.

You will be a part of the Global Business Banking team and report to Head of Sales and Marketing, supporting them in driving the strategic priorities for sustainability, working in close collaboration with the countries to roll out key strategic initiatives.

Responsibilities will include managing engagement with Head Office, Global Business Banking team and country stakeholders (senior management as well as domain experts) to inspire and deepen business understanding of our sustainability strategy and impact objectives:

  • Play a key role in driving and delivering the Global Business Banking Sustainability Strategy in full alignment with ING’s Global Sustainability direction
  • Steer and monitor implementation of required roadmaps, tooling and solutions
  • Manage engagement with key stakeholders; Global Head Office, Global Sustainability, Global Business Banking team and country leads to inspire, share and deepen business understanding of Sustainability
  • Lead the Financial Health workstream within the strategy in collaboration with country and head office colleagues
  • Establish a training programme in collaboration with the countries and global stakeholders to better support and educate our business colleagues and customers on our offerings
  • Work closely with CoE Brand and Communication colleagues to ensure that internal and external stakeholders are aware of key programmes and milestones through updates and campaigns
  • Play a key role in partnering with ING Group departments across innovation, research/economics to leverage global support for the business bank ambitions
  • Stay across regulatory requirements impacting the area and steering the business to remain ahead of these
  • Keep abreast of external developments in the field of sustainability to potentially embed new solutions or adapt our strategy to accommodate required changes

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