Sustainability Manager

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Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe

In this exciting role you are responsible for general/non-technical sustainability within Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe B.V.( SEACE). All sustainability topics are included except for specific technical sustainability and regulatory topics, for which there is a separate role in SEACE but cooperation is required.

Samsung Electronics Air Conditioners Europe

In 2017, Samsung Electronics Air Conditioners Europe B.V. opened its Amsterdam-based European Headquarters in a bid to serve better the European market – the world’s second-largest air conditioning market. 1 HQ, 16 offices, and 8 warehouses in Europe.

The role

In this role, you create visibility on sustainability efforts within SEACE and the group (Samsung Electronics) by supporting, engaging and influencing stakeholders on sustainability. You will be creating a strategy with meaningful actions to improve SEACE’s sustainability situation and the execution thereof.

Sustainability topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • Environment
  • Empowering communities
  • Digital Responsibility
  • Employees
  • Sustainable supply chain.

The sustainability manager monitors and reports on developments, supports and promotes sustainability efforts, coordinates with stakeholders inside and outside SEACE and represents SEACE on this topic.


  • Identify and provide updates on sustainability trends and developments
  • Create visibility on the sustainability efforts in Samsung Electronics and SEACE

Promote, support and influence sustainability

  • Create a strategy for sustainability in SEACE
  • Ensure compliance with sustainability laws and regulations
  • Engage stakeholders (e.g. SEACE board, Marketing, HR, SCM and Legal & Compliance) and execute/support meaningful actions
  • Support by providing answers to sustainability-related questions
  • Lead the SEACE charity committee

Coordination inside Samsung Electronics

  • Coordinate SEACE’s sustainability actions with the Samsung Electronics group
  • Position SEACE as a leading company in sustainability within the group (Samsung Electronics)
  • Contribute to the efforts of Samsung Electronics on sustainability


  • Enhance awareness inside and outside SEACE on sustainability
  • Participate in relevant associations
  • Represent SEACE’s interests in sustainability in public affairs

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