Sustainability and Circularity Analyst and Research Project Manager

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We are looking for an experienced research project manager with expertise in life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental impact assessment, circularity assessment or similar.

We are looking for a senior consultant circularity and sustainability impact to lead our activities on Circularity, Sustainability, and Energy. You will provide sound research and competent management within our research projects on circularity, sustainability and energy topics. You will immediately lead a project on environmental and social sustainability and circularity of industrial systems as well as prepare the environmental contribution based on LCA methodology to a research project on reuse. We will support you as much as necessary, especially with the administrative parts of management. You know what challenges creates barriers for the adoption of circular approaches and you can help and advice on next steps towards a more circular form of production. In addition, you are able to brainstorm with other experts about the future questions that need to be answered with regard to the circular manufacturing and energy sector in order to be able to take the energy and circular transition forward. You convert these into project proposals with knowledge questions and research proposals that reflect the core of the matter and that are seen internally and externally as the questions that need to be answered.

You will be part of and expand a high quality network of research partners, knowledge centers and industry partners. You have a demonstrated scientific understanding of impact assessments and environmental and socio-economic impact methods. With multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams of colleagues and external collaborators, you develop new and improved methodologies to implement circularity in LCA and bring additional experience with respect to social LCA and economic impact. Together with multi-disciplinary science teams you will develop high level proposals for national and international programs. You will contribute with both management, development of frameworks, data gathering and analysis. Over time, you will form a group on circularity and environmental topics and lead research proposals and tenders that aligns with your interests within the scope of Yaghma’s strategic direction and take on additional project management responsibilities.

In Yaghma, we assess the non-financial, non-technical aspects of new technologies in various fields to help our clients and research project partners make a positive impact on the world with their innovations. To stay on the forefront of the research on social, ethical, governmental, legal and environmental impacts, we participate in various European and International research projects where we assess non-technical, non-financial aspects of the innovative solutions proposed by the project partners. Currently our focus is sustainability and circularity aspects in manufacturing, bio-based industry, energy field- especially hydrogen and the efforts towards more sustainable production.

In the role as Sustainability and Circularity Analyst and Research Project Manager, you can expect the following tasks:

  • Develop new and improved methodologies for circularity and environmental sustainability i.e. LCA and bring additional experience with respect to social LCA and economic impact.
  • Collect information needed to evaluate Sustainability, Circularity, and Social Impacts of an industrial system and perform the assessment.
  • Design and develop self-assessment methods tailored to specific contexts for circularity and environmental sustainability aspects.
  • Lead and contribute to the development of research project proposals and tenders on circularity, environmental, ethical and social assessment across various fields.
  • Scientific project management of research project internally in Yaghma and among external consortium partners.
  • Participation and interest in the administrative and organizational management of research projects under Horizon Europe and other schemes.
  • Coordination and scientific preparation for workshops, interviews and round table events
  • Lead and contribute to reports, project deliverables and other documents.

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