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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

GRI is seeking managers and senior managers to contribute to the development of our leading standards for reporting sustainability impacts. These positions provide exciting opportunities to join a fast-growing international organization in the field of sustainability reporting, working directly with stakeholders from business, civil society and inter-governmental organizations.

You will manage and lead the development of one or more of the GRI Standards. In the next year, GRI is developing Sector Standards for textiles, apparel, banking, insurance and other financial sectors, as well as updating and developing Topic Standards for human rights, nondiscrimination, climate change, circular economy, artificial intelligence, algorithms and data privacy. It is not a requirement to be an expert in specific sectors or topics; instead, it is your role to draw out and synthesize multi-stakeholder perspectives into the standard setting process, with the chance to build your knowledge of sustainable development.

What will your typical day look like?

Leading standards development projects involves researching the relevant sectors and sustainable development topics, convening and facilitating multi-stakeholder groups of experts, and transforming this input into technical content in a reporting standard. The aim is to serve the public interest, promote global adoption of sustainability reporting, and increase transparency on critical sustainable development issues.

You will guide a project team and manage public consultations and other engagement processes to secure stakeholder input. As part of your role, you will also liaise directly with the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB), GRI’s independent standard-setting body, and serve as a representative of GRI in public forums or online events.

Other responsibilities include:
• Be a subject matter expert on the GRI Standards
• Plan and implement Standards development projects and related workstreams, including budgetary responsibilities
• Develop detailed project proposals and documents in preparation of project related briefings, and writes departmental documents and senior level correspondence
• Provide input to the ongoing development of the GRI Standards and related documents and communications
• Maintain internal and external stakeholder relationships, focused on future project options and programs
• Identify and develops new possibilities and takes initiatives within the area of responsibilities
• Prepare for and attends events of the Standards Division and GRI departments
• Acts as spokesperson for the Standards Division, when and where this responsibility has been delegated

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