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Are you deeply passionate about making a positive impact on the environment? Do you firmly believe in the transformative power of reusable and refillable solutions to combat the global issue of single-use plastic pollution? If so, we are excited to announce the perfect opportunity for you to contribute to a more sustainable future!

Internship · Haarlem

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At Dopper, we are on a mission to be the most sustainable choice for reuse and refill. Our dedication to reducing single-use plastic waste is not just a commitment but a way of life. From the inception of our innovative designs to the promotion of conscious consumer habits, we are steadfast in creating meaningful and lasting change for a better, greener planet.

This internship offers a unique opportunity to merge your passion for sustainability with hands-on experience in product development, contributing to Dopper’s ongoing commitment to being a leader in environmentally conscious consumer choices. Join us in creating a positive impact and shaping a better, greener future!

Mission Objectives

  • Support product management:
    o Update product data documentation
    o Perform desk research
    o Develop and test (digital) prototypes
  • Support quality management:
    o Update quality documentation
    o Perform quality analysis
    o Prepare reports
  • Support sustainability management
    o Retrieve activity data
    o Organise activity data in footprint software
    o Check EcoInvent factors
    o Prepare elements of product footprint reporting
    o Support sustainability certification process

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