Head of Sustainability

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  • Rotterdam

Sunweb Group

As our Head of Sustainability, you are the driving force behind Sunweb Group’s sustainability agenda and goals. You are the chief advocate for our ESG-strategy (Environment, Social and Governance), both internally and externally.​

Your impact

You shape the vision for how sustainability becomes an integral part of Sunweb Group’s strategy and daily operations. You drive the realization of that change within the organization, by implementing new policies and orchestrating initiatives that align with our ESG goals. Effective communication and collaboration are essential, as you interact with all levels of the organization, partners, shareholders, and external stakeholders to ensure alignment and commitment to sustainability objectives.​

​The head of Sustainability drives innovation in sustainable practices, seeking out new solutions to minimize the company’s environmental footprint and maximize its social impact.

Responsibilities include:

  • Be an advocate for sustainability within the Management Team and the organization. Committed to environmental and social responsibility and promote these values throughout the company.​
  • Embed sustainability in the Sunweb Group strategy in all relevant processes and communications. Develop & roll out the sustainability strategy. ​
  • Turn sustainability strategy into concrete initiatives & activities. Lead sustainable changes through policies and practices that align with sustainability goals. Ensure alignment and cooperation with all stakeholders, including partners and shareholders. ​
  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, frameworks and reporting (Travellife, CSRD, etc.) Improve monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives, and ensure regular reporting to track progress and impact.​
  • Participate in and/or activate collaborative industry efforts making tourism more sustainable.​
  • Serves as a center of expertise. Stays updated on the latest insights, ensuring the organization follows the most current sustainability practices.​

Let us introduce Sunweb Group

Sunweb Group is an online travel company committed to becoming the leading digital holiday expert. We send 1.3 million holidaymakers each year to both summer and winter destinations. With six different brands under our umbrella, and several hubs across Europe, we offer unique and memorable experiences to our customers.

Our approach is to redefine the conventional travel experience, creating unexpected and delightful moments—just like a perfect holiday should. This innovative spirit is at the core of our mindset, encouraging our team to break routines, explore new horizons, and do things differently. That’s the Sunweb Group state of mind.

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