Educator in Sustainable Business

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Avans University of Applied Sciences

As an educator at our International Business Program you teach subjects related to sustainability in the value chain for international businesses. You also play an active role in curriculum development.

Great job

As an educator in Sustainable Business you apply your expertise of creating sustainable value chains in the context of doing business internationally, your ability in communicating the added value of sustainable value chains through effective marketing campaigns as well as the pertaining ethical and legal aspects in project-based settings in which students must take the lead of their learning process. Your tasks and responsibilities encompass various aspects of curriculum development, student mentorship, professional development, and teaching, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the role of an educator in the International Business programme. This means that in this role you:

Develop and assess subjects related to Sustainable Business, Marketing, International Law and Ethics for interdisciplinary projects with an international scope. Mentor and guide students during international internships and provide feedback (including formal assessments) to their work. Take the initiative in learning about blended learning, technological developments (such as A.I.), and data utilization. Employ activating and creative didactical methods to promote students’ digital literacy. Maintain professional relationships with industry partners for our projects and internship opportunities.

Your role as educator within Avans

International Business has built a sound reputation in higher education, which is rooted in a committed and highly international staff, with a personal and small-scale approach to education, an internationally and interculturally diverse student population and a strong network of international partner institutions.

International Business offers you a challenging work environment within a culturally diverse team of Business professionals. The team comprises of 33 enthusiastic professionals. We offer our study programs to approximately 900 students. Self-management and personal responsibility are highly valued within both our programs and our students graduate as excellent young professionals.

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