CSR Manager

  • Dienstverband
  • Amsterdam


As a Corporate Responsibility Manager, you play a key role in shaping our global business and supply chains for the future. You manage projects focused on social an environmental sustainability and work closely with teams across the company. Your goal is to reduce our impact and improve sustainability performance.

What you’ll do:
  • Manage projects on social and environmental sustainability, including supplier traceability, carbon footprint, purchasing practices and fair wages.
  • Onboard and oversee production facilities.
  • Plan, analyze and monitor social and environmental audits. Drive progress on open CAPs and help suppliers with continuous improvement.
  • Conduct risk assessments in production facilities and countries, and provide actionable improvement suggestions.
  • Support and prepare for compliance with upcoming sustainability laws and related data requirements.

Meer informatie/solliciteren: careersatsuitsupply.com.