Corporate Communications & Reputational Risk Management Consultant (Europe)

Rainforest Alliance

Consultancy Summary:

The Rainforest Alliance is calling for proposal for a European-based consultant (or agency) to provide communications support for reputational risk management, both proactive and reactive. This position serves to protect the credibility of the Rainforest Alliance, its experts and leadership and its global reputation as a leader in the sustainability space.


6-month consultancy on as needed basis (maximum of 6 days per month)


  • Consultant (or agency) will serve as primary contact for any reputational risks assigned to Consultant that may affect the public perception of the Rainforest Alliance;
  • On an as-needed basis, provide strategic rapid response in real-time that are aligned with organizational goals, policies and protocols;
  • On an as-needed basis, develop organizational public statements, messaging and responses in close collaboration with Rainforest Alliance regional staff and the internal reputational risk team, which are aligned with organizational risk protocol;
  • Consultant and/or agency will provide social media monitoring and social media rapid response for all relevant platforms;
  • Provide rapid response to counter any negative or erroneous reporting of the Rainforest Alliance in European-based media (UK, NL, and Germany being the priorities.) Consultant and/or agency will work closely with European media lead on reputational risks which originate or are amplified via European media outlets;
  • Work closely with Standards & Assurance teams in Africa, Asia and Latin America in garnering real-time information and data on certified operations across the globe;
  • Provide monthly report on all reputational risks managed including media coverage, number of social media engagements and mentions, and/or feedback from other relevant stakeholders including civil society/consumers;
  • On a bi-monthly basis, meet with Lead Corporate Reputational manager in New York on priorities and proactive risk management activities.

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