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Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges

Would you like to contribute to the sustainable impact of Radboud University? Are you a connector with an understanding of sustainability in education and research? Are you interested in interdisciplinary research and are you a networker? Then this position is for you.

As a coordinator at the Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges (RCSC), you will be responsible for further developing the centre into a hub where researchers and lecturers from different faculties work together on sustainability issues. Your duties will be both substantive and organisational in nature. As a discussion partner of researchers and lecturers, you will be able to advise on the further integration of sustainability in education and research and to establish connections with other experts. You will be supported by a team assistant and student assistants. In this position you will also supervise the work of the part-time co-coordinators at the centre. You will chair core team meetings and further develop the broader consultation structure at the centre. You will ensure liaison with the RU sustainability programme and with the various faculties where sustainability education and research are concerned.

You will liaise with sustainability scholars from different faculties[HR(1] , foster connections between researchers and lecturers in the RCSC network, and create conditions for fruitful multidisciplinary collaboration (e.g. opportunities for and limitations of cross-faculty teaching).

You will explore and guide collaborations in the field of sustainability research in terms of content. The emphasis here will be on cooperation within RU, but promoting links to existing and new research consortia with partners outside RU is also part of the range of tasks. You will be expected to actively co-author a number of collaborative grant proposals.

Furthermore, you will contribute to the further integration of sustainability in education at the faculties and co-create the organisational conditions for the implementation, preparation and support of education. As a coordinator, you can also play a role in the implementation of the relevant teaching and support new teaching.

Lastly, you will act as a point of contact for questions from internal and external parties regarding sustainability research and education at RU. Overviews will regularly be made available for this purpose.

We are

Radboud University’s strategy is to contribute to a healthy, free world with equal opportunities for all. This mission has been worked out in a sustainability policy for the coming years in which we have determined how we create impact through our education, research and operations. This development is driven and supported by the sustainability programme which, in addition to the programme director and a project manager, also includes the Radboud Green Office and the Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges (RCSC). Together they form the ’sustainability team’. This team works closely with colleagues in the various faculties and supporting divisions to achieve the sustainability goals set within research, education and operations while increasing the organisation’s learning capacity in this area. In addition, the team is responsible for several RU-wide tasks, such as advising the Executive Board, impacting measurement and sustainability reporting, internal and external alignment with stakeholders, expertise development and knowledge gathering, community building, internal and external communication on sustainability, and representation in various consultative bodies.

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