Captain Planet – environment and sustainability officer

  • Dienstverband
  • Groningen

At Devhouse Spindle and our sister company Voys, we strive to be 1% better every day. We like to give more focus to our organizations’ carbon footprints and can definitely use some help with that. As our Captain Planet it will be your job to make our carbon footprints first neutral, and then gross positive. You will be responsible for working on and communicating about our organizations’ environmental impact as well as other matters of corporate social responsibility.

As software development and telephony companies where most colleagues work on laptops and ride bikes to the office, our impact on climate change is limited. However we do know that we could make it even better, and that’s where you come in. There’s more to this task than writing a blog about sustainability. You will run quick yet thorough research and set up awesome projects and experiments that will lower and ultimately eliminate our carbon footprint.

How you accomplish these goals is up to you. You will receive a lot of freedom and responsibility to execute your work as you see fit. We are self organizing companies that don’t have managers. We do think that 24 hours a week is enough for the work within this role. In the event that you are looking to work more hours per week, we can discuss the possibility of using your skills in another team within our organization.

Who are you?

This is quite possibly the most unique job we have offered, so we are searching for a fantastic colleague to fill the roll that ticks a lot of boxes on our wish list:

  • Motivation for this subject is in your DNA! You are known as the person with all the climate change facts and is actively involved in sustainability and climate change issues.
  • You are excellent in spoken and written English. If you can speak Dutch, that is a plus, but not necessary.
  • You have experience with project-based work either during employment or your studies. When working on projects, you are the research champion.
  • You have a vast knowledge of climate issues. For us this doesn’t mean you must have a science based degree or be well-known in the climate world, but you do follow climate and sustainability news and have read the latests books about the issues we face.
  • You have an open attitude, are very communicative, and enjoy telling people what you are doing in a way that people really understand, both inside and outside the organization.
  • Doing research causes you to come up with all kinds of creative ideas. You are curious and investigative by nature. You love to set up experiments about things that could make the world a little bit better.
  • Extensive work experience isn’t necessary, but if you have helped other organizations reduce their carbon footprint, that will gain some bonus points.

About Spindle and Voys

Devhouse Spindle and Voys are growing and ever-changing organizations on a mission to connect the world using open and free communication. At Spindle, we develop the tools that make this possible such as VoIPGRID our award winning telefony platform. Alongside that we develop an app (both android and iOS versions), webphone, and a browser plugin which allow you to use the VoIP platform wherever you are. Voys is our sister company and sells VoIPGRID under the band name Freedom.

Next to the tools we develop and sell, we also connect people through the foundation, and the open source community, the Open VoIP Alliance. Our companies are located in Groningen, a beautiful city known for its innovation and the second fastest growing tech city in the Netherlands.

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