Business Analyst Sustainability Finance

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You and your job
Imagine bringing about a changed, more sustainable, future? As a Business Analyst Sustainable Finance you will be working on the further development of the Sustainable Finance Framework, Policies and Standards and become a major force in sustainable finance.

Practical Examples

  • Designing, aligning and maintaining the policy and standards and performance for Sustainability and the Sustainability Finance Framework
  • Analyzing cases and products and providing opinions for product review or approval
  • Leading/participating the implementation of Sustainability initiatives

Facts & Figures

  • 36 hours per week
  • Fast growing team in group Sustainability with the ambition to deliver workable policies and standards
  • 43,822 Rabobank colleagues around the world

Top 3 responsibilities

  • Coordinate between stakeholders, facilitate discussions, provide guidance and design requirements to ensure successful implementation
  • Plan, monitor and steer on progress to achieve the necessary deliverables in time
  • Align and cooperate with other Sustainability colleagues to get the best possible solution

Take part in the sustainable finance projects and activities to help making the bank and our customers growing a better world together and improving our way of working in sustainability.

Together we achieve more than alone

We believe in the power of difference. Bringing together people’s differences is what makes us an even better bank. So we are very curious about what you can bring to our team at Sustainability Standards.

Our team believes in ‘Getting results fast’, collaborating with colleagues form all departments and always looking for the best possible solutions.’

John Daamen, Manager Sustainability Standards

Group Sustainability brings talented people together to contribute to a more sustainable world and at the same time to deliver on our sustainable goals and ambitions, based on regulations, commitments our policies and ambitions. We act as a center of expertise, advising on a variety of sustainability topics and accelerating the implementation of sustainability on an ongoing basis.

Your role would be part of the new Sustainability Standards team, to ensure the guidance from strategy, expertise, regulations and commitments is executed in sustainability standards, risk and business processes including the product governance. Going forward sustainability requirements need to increasingly become part of Business as Usual. This requires that Group Sustainability has a clear perspective what Rabobank defines as sustainable and how to steer towards this. Defining and ensuring we adhere to this will be done from different angles (i) What is our strategy: based on our aspirations, what transitions do want to achieve with our clients and in our portfolio (ii) What are our own minimal acceptance criteria: what do we deem sustainable (morally and voluntarily) and fits in our (future) portfolio (iii) What are the commitments we have made and will make to the outside world and (iv) What regulations and commitments do we have to comply with.

All the above defines the sustainability playing field and has to be embedded in the standard way of operating to ensure they are part of our client journey, product review and approval, our reporting and the strategic discussion/decisions at business level. The guiding principle here is that Group Sustainability cooperates and aligns with existing projects, programs, processes (eg. CreditCore) to ensure that criteria from our standards and ambitions become part of the Business As Usual (BAU).

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