Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, has officially given his support to the European Pact for Sustainable Industry. With the Pact, CSR Europe want to initiate a pan-European movement, at local and international level to invigorate leadership and engagement towards a Sustainable Europe 2030.

The European Pact for Sustainable Industry has three targets:

  1. At Industry Sector Level

    By 2024, all the industry federations will have developed a sustainability roadmap.

  2. At Company Level

    By 2030, 10.000 companies will be engaged in sector and/or cross-sector collaborations contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  3. At Policy Level

    Policymakers will leverage the collaborative actions undertaken by companies to develop and implement an inclusive level playing field.

To monitor the progress made, the Pact will release a (bi-) annual Sustainable Industry Barometer on the level of maturity and integration of SDGs in the European industry sectors.

By engaging in the Pact, companies and industry federations express their duty to collaborate in driving the shift towards a clean, circular, competitive and climate neutral economy. If you are a company, industry federation, National Partner Organisation who want to support this inter-industry, continent-wide effort to take sustainability from strategy to action, participate in our social media campaign.