Our resource consumption has gone beyond what our planet can sustain, yet billions continue to live in poverty. The world’s population is set to increase massively and more and more people will, understandably, expect to live the lifestyles currently enjoyed by the few. This unsustainable outlook has become a core business issue, requiring companies and governments to rethink the fundamentals.

As we climb out of global recession we have a unique opportunity – and an urgent need – to rebuild our economies to meet the challenges of the future; not the past. We have the opportunity to drive the transition to sustainable practices, where sustainability is at the core of public policy and business strategy, evident in products and processes, and key to consumer choices.

Sustainability reporting can be an effective tool for change. Credible disclosures map out current positions and point the way forwards, towards solutions that benefit both business and wider society. Full economic, environmental and social accountability is based on transparent communication. Transparent communication changes perceptions, builds trust, and motivates action towards greater sustainability.

The Amsterdam conference will convene a debate on how reporting can be used to help build a better future. Thought leaders from business, finance, government and civil society will debate the political, strategic and practical choices confronting us. Expert practitioners will lead workshops and interactive sessions to define the building blocks of more effective reporting.

Sustainability reporting is the key tool driving us towards a sustainable future.

Join us at the 2010 Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency to make this future a reality.

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