Siemens Smart Infrastructure and South Pole are partnering to offer a full range of solutions and financing models for companies with the aim of reducing energy-related emissions. Corporate leaders can now tap into an end-to-end service offering that covers all essential steps in developing and implementing a credible decarbonisation roadmap, which is a key pillar of a broader corporate net zero emissions strategy.

“We are excited to be joining forces with South Pole to offer clients joint, unrivalled know-how in developing and rolling out ambitious energy efficiency and decarbonisation solutions and services, at a facility level. Together with South Pole, we are enhancing our capabilities to help clients across the world accelerate their journey towards net-zero emissions, bringing a complete solution to the market by combining advanced decarbonisation strategies with proven energy solutions and services,” says Constantin Ginet, Global Head of Energy & Performance Services at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

“South Pole has been championing corporate renewable energy procurement and decarbonisation strategies for well over a decade – we know how valuable renewable energy solutions are in saving costs, hedging against rising energy prices, and improving brand leadership. Today we are delighted to be partnering with Siemens, an industry leader whose expertise will further broaden the range of innovative climate solutions we can propose to our clients, particularly at a site level,” says Renat Heuberger, CEO of South Pole“Clients will benefit from working with two trusted, experienced partners who can help them move from strategy to implementation faster, with solutions that perfectly fit their needs.”

Drawing on their respective areas of expertise, Siemens Smart Infrastructure and South Pole will provide companies with best-in-class advisory services – from setting emission reduction targets, and developing strategies to get there, to monitoring and reporting on compliance, renewable energy procurement, as well as support with implementing company or site-level plans, including the financing and delivery of decarbonisation projects. Companies are particularly interested in understanding the business case of implementing various solutions that will reduce their carbon footprint the most at the least cost, and where the biggest return on investment will be, starting at a higher global operations level and then drilling down towards specific markets and sites.

The MoU between South Pole and Siemens comes against the backdrop of soaring energy prices across the globe and a push for radical decarbonisation among private sector companies, who are asked by investors and customers to show – not just tell – how they are improving their sustainability performance and contributing to global net zero targets.