Today, DLL, a global provider of asset based financial solutions launches a new white paper, “Realizing Opportunities of a Circular Business Model”, to provide practical guidance for business leaders preparing for the circular economy.

The circular economy is a regenerative new model inspired by nature. It offers businesses a way to deliver value and profitability in a sustainable way. Products are designed to be recycled, reused or remanufactured at the end of the first life cycle, reducing pressure on the planet’s finite resources. It also calls for greater use of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions and countering the threat of global warming. It promotes the development of healthy materials in products, promoting a non-toxic closed loop system.

New service-based financial solutions such as leasing and pay per use are enabling manufacturers to develop circular business models, in which goods are maintained, serviced and eventually returned to the producer to be reused, remanufactured or recycled.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey[1], world business could unleash as much as a trillion dollars a year of new value out of circular models.

“Through our role providing financial solutions for first, second and third life product streams we are seeing the pioneer entrepreneurs moving towards circular business models,” says Rob van den Heuvel, Senior Vice President Global Asset Management at DLL. “They are responding to real crises in our environment and climate and inventing something new that will provide profits as well as ensure greater sustainability for all of us. We hope this white paper will encourage more entrepreneurs to consider this path for their own businesses.”


The new white paper provides an easy-to-read set of chapters for readers to choose from. The idea is to help to introduce them to the concepts and enable them to judge whether their business is suitable for a circular model. It includes the following sections:

  • READ about the circular economy;
  • LEARN about your company’s and partners’ awareness of this new approach;
  • TALK about product design: how we make things to be made again and again;
  • TRY to come to a service model redesign: discover how a new way of selling leads to more sustainable solutions and satisfied customers.
  • TEST how you can make this a profitable business model: details on how to make money in this brave new world.

To download the full report click here.