The Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) today announced the availability of a solution toolkit, the GEMI Quick Guide on Cultivating Sustainability Within an Organization.

“The GEMI Quick Guide for Cultivating Sustainability Within an Organization is designed to provide insights for how corporations demonstrate and communicate the value of sustainability and activate internal resources to achieve sustainability objectives,” said GEMI’s Chair, Lori Williams, Business Strategy Principal, FedEx Corporation. Williams continued, “One of the most important factors for establishing a successful sustainability program is ensuring employees understand, embrace and pursue approaches that foster a productive and thriving organization built on long-term business processes that promote economic development, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.”

GEMI’s Communications Chair, Bob Toy, Director of Environmental Sustainability, Union Pacific stated, “This Guide discusses how a company can promote, motivate, and accelerate sustainability within an organization by defining business opportunities and risks, establishing tangible objectives for sustainability projects or programs, identifying meaningful and relevant issues, and communicating effectively with stakeholders.” He continued, “This is the second in a series of GEMI Quick Guides that have been developed. The first GEMI Quick Guide addressed renewable energy opportunities for companies.”

GEMI’s Executive Director, Steve Hellem stated, “The objective of the GEMI Quick Guide toolkit series is to provide a closer look into the methods corporations use to address sustainability topics. These guides feature best practices to address real-time issues and topics of sustainability concepts, accompanied by mini case studies from GEMI member companies.” He continued, “We are pleased that this tool highlights the activities and experiences of 3M, Ashland, ConocoPhillips, P&G, Perdue Farms, Phillips66, Smithfield Foods, and Union Pacific, and thank Maria Dunn of Phillips66 for her leadership in this Quick Guide’s development.”

Download the quick guide (pdf)