MADE-BY has together with Global Traceability Solutions (GTS) launched a bespoke transparency platform for the fashion industry. MADE-BYs extended Transparency Solutions offer was developed to directly address the struggles that brands and retailers have faced in gaining supply chain traceability. Transparency Solutions gives brands and retailers the tools and guidance to create a successful transparency programme and supports them to use this information to improve the sustainability of their supply chains. 

MADE-BY has over 10 years of experience working with brands and retailers to implement successful mapping and traceability initiatives. Based on our experience, we recognised the need for scalable, flexible and easy to use tools to support companies in gaining greater visibility into the products and processes within their supply chain. Many brands are required to work with individual tools or platforms for a specific commodity or material type, but now, they will be able to conduct all supply chain transparency work in one place supported by MADE-BY, on one IT platform developed by GTS.

MADE-BY’s Transparency Solutions:

·      Offers supply chain mapping, sustainability due diligence and product led traceability for all material types simultaneously. This means that brands and retailers can now trace animal derived materials, conduct risk assessments of wet processing suppliers and map wood based materials suppliers all in one place.

·      Is fashion specific, with tailored sustainability questionnaires targeting the key social and environmental issues for each unique supplier type within the fashion industry.

·      Gives validated results completed by an expert team at MADE-BY, leaving brands and retailers with greater confidence into the accuracy of their transparency project outcomes.

·      Enables brands and retailers to visualise their supply chain, meaning they are able to easily segment suppliers based upon many different risk factors. This enables brands and retailers to conduct custom root cause analysis of issues as they arise.

·      Supports brands and retailers with risk assessments. Based upon supply chain feedback MADE-BY will conduct workshops with brands and retailers to better understand these risks and develop actions to reduce impacts.

·      Can be integrated with other systems, from internal systems like SAP which is used by major brands and retailers, to other IT platforms where information is currently collected for a specific segment of suppliers, material type, etc.

Speaking on this new service offer Sabine Ritter, CEO, MADE-BY said: “I strongly believe that MADE-BY’s updated Transparency Solutions offer fills a gap in the market.  Never before have brands and retailers been able to conduct all their supply chain due diligence in one place, have this completely validated by an independent organisation and furthermore receive support on reducing risks and impacts of their supply chains.”

Ulrich Heindl, CEO, Global Traceability Solutions said: “We hope to bring the traceability success we have seen in the timber industry, to the fashion sector and look forward to working with MADE-BY, a partner that has the knowledge and know how to help implement change within the fashion industry.”