Heerema announces that they will become the first carbon-neutral marine contractor. They will achieve this sustainability goal by preventing, reducing, and compensating their carbon emissions. Heerema will begin compensating 250,000 metric tons of carbon from October 2020. This action will include investing in carbon offsetting projects that align with its mission to create sustainable value(s). These will be certified carbon reduction projects provided by Climate Neutral Group.

From this starting point, Heerema has set yearly prevention and reduction targets. Their goal is to be carbon neutral using zero-emission technology where feasible. This ambition could include investments such as onboard batteries, carbon capture and storage, and the use of bio- and synthetic fuels.

Heerema’s yearly carbon neutral targets from 2020 to 2025 –
The amount of carbon compensated is reduced by Heerema introducing zero-emissions technology

Heerema has already demonstrated its commitment to investing in new technologies to support sustainability. They have introduced the record-breaking vessel Sleipnir that runs on emission-reducing LNG, and are developing a renewable energy Shore Power connection at their Rotterdam mooring location.

Heerema’s CEO, Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven has said, ‘Heerema announced earlier this year that our mission is to be the leading marine contractor creating sustainable value(s). Our decision to go carbon neutral in 2020 is evidence that we turn our words into actions, and we are proud of this commitment. We have already significantly reduced our carbon footprint with Sleipnir and Shore Power, and going carbon neutral is the logical next step.

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