Een deel van de brief:

“Based on the GRI Secretariat’s assessment of five offers, the Board has
instructed the Secretariat to enter into negotiations with the Government of
the Netherlands and the cities of Amsterdam and The Hague. The goal of these negotiations is to produce a final offer that is most beneficial to GRI. The decision by the Board was based on a review of all aspects of the various offers. This includes the amount, certainty, restrictions and timing of monetary incentives; intangible issues such as breadth and depth of government, civil society and corporate support; and accessibility and
affordability of proposed cities.

The Board has instructed the Secretariat to pursue negotiations between now and late March, and for the Secretariat to report back to the Board at its first formal meeting on 3 April 2002 in New York. If in the Board’s view the negotiations do not yield a satisfactory outcome, it reserves the right to reopen negotiations with other bidders. In addition to a final headquarters siting decision at the April meeting, the Board will begin discussions of GRI’s regional representation, including the possibility of regional offices
in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.