Today, GRI, architect of the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework, is pleased to announce the start of Reporting 2025. Over the course of the next year GRI will interview thought leaders, from various fields, to identify the main issues that will be – or should be – at the center of companies’ agendas and their public reports. Throughout 2015, GRI will generate articles, videos, analysis papers and publish them on the GRI website.

“As the practice of reporting continues to mature, it’s crucial that we make sure our activities are leading to a sustainable global economy.”, said GRI’s Chief Executive Michael Meehan, “This means that organizations must do more than merely produce a sustainability report. The data collected needs to empower informed decision-making, not just for management but also for other stakeholders. Reporting 2025 will examine how best to bring this about.”

GRI’s Chief Advisor on Innovation in Reporting, Nelmara Arbex, is leading the Reporting 2025 project. Nelmara has worked in corporate sustainability for 14 years and in her previous role as GRI’s Deputy Chief Executive, she supervised the development of the G4 Guidelines, which involved thousands of stakeholders in more than 30 countries. Speaking about her new role Nelmara said: “The GRI Guidelines have evolved over the past two decades as societal expectations of business transparency and good stewardship have developed. During the Reporting 2025 project, I will be speaking with top executives and thought leaders to map out what the sustainability reporting landscape will look like ten years from now.”

In sign of their commitment to helping bring about a more sustainable future, Boston College – Center for Corporate Citizenship, Enel and SAP are global sponsors, working with GRI to facilitate this international discussion.

Additionally, other businesses, that are ready to take the lead in defining the future of sustainability reporting and disclosures, can also take part in the project as part of the GRI Corporate Leadership Group on Reporting 2025. “The Corporate Leadership Group will allow top companies to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of reporting.” said GRI Director Corporate and Stakeholder Relations, Nikki McKean-Wood. “Members of this group will be able to profile their organizations at the center of the global discussion about how to create a more sustainable future.”