Global Sustainable Enterprise System launched


Does your organization really want to make an impact? Then take part in the Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES®). The GSES® system covers all facets of sustainable entrepreneurship, is suitable for all sectors and is based on the best internationally accepted standards. Use your certificates your organisation already achieved as exemptions to determine your baseline and/ or fill in the GSES Checklists, let your claims be validated and set your sustainable goals for the future! You can also stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship thru the supply chain by inviting your suppliers to fill in the GSES checklists to so you can rank your suppliers on sustainable achievements.

The Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES®) is an international generic sustainable standard that has been set up to support organizations in making things more sustainable and making them visible and traceable. The GSES® system is:

  • an overarching and international standard
  • Workable for any kind of organization
  • Open source
  • Can be used universally with existing certifications, initiatives and labels
  • GSES® scheme has been submitted to the RvA for evaluation (Accreditation Board)
  • Independent international audits and validation
  • Represented in 77 countries

Also discover the SDG Organization Index and check out en determine how your organization is supporting the goals!

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