Training Human Rights Due Diligence & the supply chain – in practice


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Training Human Rights Due Diligence & the supply chain – in practice

Enact Sustainable Strategies and Human Rights @Work invite you to a hands-on training on the UN Guiding Principle for Business and Human Rights. Our training will focus on conducting Human Rights Due Diligence and the training in the supply chain. We will train participants on applying the principles to real situations, learning from leading company experience from different industries and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Why Human Rights Due Diligence in the supply chain?

As companies are facing pressures from investors, legislators, stakeholders and unions to align their operating practices with global norms, they are pushed to apply due diligence of complete value chains and not only their own activities.

Global norms require companies to prioritise human rights impacts based on how they pose risk to affected stakeholders and not how they affect corporate reputation, legal or financial standing. In other words, companies cannot only prioritise their supply chain management based on high-spend suppliers or high risk countries but need to understand how contractors affect local communities various tiers down. But it is not unmanageable! One just needs to think of risk from new perspectives by putting oneself into the shoes of the people on the ground. And walk a little. Our training aims to do exactly that. Help you understand how to focus on risks to people and jot business – and what to do when you return to work.

Conducting human rights due diligence in the supply chain will equip a company to manage human rights risks timely which in itself may avoid unpleasant surprises (of media scandals or NGO-exposures). A strategic approach to human rights ensures that risk management is not only about addressing risk threats but also finding and expanding on business opportunities. We offer you the opportunity to learn and to be inspired!

Our training

We offer a professional and highly practical training for a limited number of participants. The training will cover:

  • The basics of human rights due diligence
  • Applying due diligence to complex supply chains and in complex markets
  • Sector specific workshops: practice with mapping and identifying high human rights risk in global supply chains of electronics, finance and retail
  • Learning from global leaders on how to prioritise and address human rights in the supply chain
  • Case exercise to address and monitor impacts in the supply chain (what to do practically once back in the office)
  • An overview of legislative reporting requirements on human rights
  • Latest trends on human rights and supply chains

Our approach to training is based on inspiration, interaction and practical implementation. This means that we inspire our participants, engage them through innovative interaction exercises and discussions with each other and let participants work on practical implementation through case-exercises.
Participants will develop an action plan on how to apply their newly acquired knowledge when they return to their workplace.

The training is conducted in cooperation with Herma van der Laarse and Ruben Zandvliet from ABN Amro. ABN AMRO is the first financial institution in the world to publish a human rights report based on the reporting framework of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

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