Sustainable Logistics Marine Webinar


09:00 - 11:00


Online webinar
Sustainable Logistics Marine Webinar

On July 3rd, together with a wide range of partners, 123Carbon and AllChiefs will be hosting two unique webinars on “demystifying carbon insetting”, covering both Marine and Road insetting.

Heavy duty transportation is growing and hard to decarbonise. With the release of the Book & Claim Guidance by Smart Freight Centre this month, carbon insetting is on its way to becoming a globally accepted carbon reduction instrument for fuel providers, carriers, freight forwarders and shippers to accelerate low carbon Transportation across all modalities.

In these 2-hours long webinars, we will offer presentations and host panel discussions and address the following topics:
1.     the need for carbon insetting
2.     opportunities and challenges of carbon insetting
3.     actual case studies
4.     how to ensure inset integrity: transparency, assurance and accountability
5.     the one-stop-shop 123Carbon platform

The webinar is primarily targeted at fuel providers, carriers, freight forwarders and shippers. You can register here!

We hope to see you there for an interesting session!

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