Although companies from emerging markets are making their presence felt increasingly in the global business community, only a few are known for their environmental and social management. The report captures key moments in the companies’ histories that determined their strategic directions and motivations. It shows that companies from emerging markets, even more than in developed countries, can lead the way in sustainable innovations, which act as strong market differentiators.

Richard Caines, who led the work for IFC, said, “Sustainability is ‘home grown’ with these companies. Unlike many companies in the North, they did not develop their sustainable business models as a reaction to outside criticism, but rather because they could see the business case. The goal was to create new value, rather than protect existing value. Sustainability originated from a different place.”

Jodie Thorpe who heads SustainAbility’s Emerging Economies practice, said, “While some of the companies that we interviewed talked explicitly about sustainability strategies, others described their approach as sound business sense-a strategic response to trends they observed around them.”
The report features examples of the successful combination of profitability and sustainability in four companies, along with data on their environmental, social and governance performance. These companies are:

. Amanco, a Latin American water pipe manufacturer that decided to develop a new water-tight technology and cater to low-income customers. (Download Case Study)

. Deqingyuan, an ambitious Chinese entrepreneur who supplies high-quality eggs in Beijing. (Download Case Study)

. Jubilant Organosys, an Indian chemical producer that has been able to reassure and attract investors with its high environmental, health, and safety record and efficient sustainability reporting. (Download Case Study)

. MAS Holdings, a Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer that increased the retention of its mostly female employees by offering them benefits, including training courses in information technology. The company is now a supplier to some of the world’s leading retailers.