The award giving ceremony was held in Jakarta of Indonesia on September 9. Indonesian Defence Minister Juwono Sundarsono was present as the chief guest on the occasion and DBBL Managing Director Md Yeasin Ali received the award from him.
A large number of executives of different Asian companies also attended the ceremony.
The collateral-free credit-financing scheme of DBBL was introduced with a view to providing a hassle-free, pollution-free and environment-friendly city-transport system and also to create self-employment opportunities for the unemployed youths. It was appreciated from all corners of the society.
The bank has also set up the Dutch-Bangla Bank Foundation (DBBF) to discharge its CSR in a wider perspective.
The Asian CSR Awards is Asia’s premier awards on CSR. The Asian Forum on CSR was launched in Manila, the Philippines in 2002, under the Manila-based Asian Institute of Management.
The organisation recognises and honours the Asian companies with outstanding projects and programmes in CSR demonstrating their leadership, sincerity and on-going commitment to incorporating ethical values, complacence with legal requirements and respect for individuals and communities and the environment of their business.
The Asian CSR Awards are given in five categories : environmental excellence, educational support and improvement, poverty alleviation, small company CSR and best workplace practices.

(N.B. FMO was in 1996 mede-oprichter van de Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd (DBBL), de enige Europees-Bengaalse private bank in Bangladesh. Als 30-procentsaandeelhouder heeft FMO de nieuwe bank ondersteund met kapitaal, met kennis op het gebied van bestuur, milieu- en sociaal beleid en door plaats te nemen in de Raad van Commissarissen van de bank. In acht jaar is DBBL uitgegroeid tot een bank met een balanstotaal van USD 340 miljoen, negentien kantoren en circa 450 medewerkers. In 2003 is de bank uitgeroepen tot ‘Beste bank van Bangladesh’ van de in totaal 52 banken die het land telt.)