“Climate change is a global issue that we must address immediately if we are to reverse its catastrophic effects,” said President Clinton. “I am pleased that the US Conference of Mayors, Wal-Mart and many businesses are working with my foundation to supply energy efficient and clean energy products. By offering these products at a discounted rate, we can ensure that more cities and citizens have access to them and that the market for clean energy technology will grow. Together, I hope that we can have a measurable impact on greenhouse gas emissions around the world.”

Lighting uses 19% of worldwide energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption by using LEDs will significantly reduce the level of CO2 emissions, therefore impacting climate change. CCI and Lemnis seek to diminish climate change through, among other efforts, use of technologically advanced LED lightbulbs.

The Lemnis Pharox bulb is the first LED-based light to offer light quality comparable to that of a traditional 40W light bulb, and is 90% more energy efficient than an incandescent bulb. Additionally, on an annual basis the Pharox bulb emits 90% fewer emissions than a traditional incandescent bulb. The Pharox bulb is as energy efficient as a fluorescent bulb, and thanks to its much longer lifetime – up to 50,000 hours – it creates significantly lower carbon emissions.

In conjunction with CCI, Lemnis has entered into conversations with the C40 cities as a vendor of LED bulbs, helping cities-and their residents-gain access to environmentally sound lighting options. Pharox bulbs are also available directly to consumers at www.upscalelighting.com.

“We are proud that the Clinton Climate Initiative recognizes our high product quality standards,” said Frans Otten, chairman of Lemnis Lighting. “This is an important step forward in fulfilling our broader mission of introducing this revolutionary LED technology and contributing to energy efficiency around the world.”

About the Clinton Climate Initiative

Building on his long-term commitment to protecting the environment, President Clinton launched the Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative in August 2006 with the mission of applying the Foundation’s business-oriented approach to the fight against climate change in practical, measurable and significant ways.

In its first phase, CCI is working with the C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group, an association of large cities dedicated to tackling climate change-to develop and implement a range of actions that will accelerate greenhouse gas emissions reductions. With cities contributing approximately 75 percent of all heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions to our atmosphere, while only comprising 2 percent of land mass, large cities are critical to winning this fight and slowing the pace of global warming.

About Lemnis

Based in The Netherlands and San Francisco, Lemnis was launched in 2005 as a joint-venture between Gemex Consultancy BV and Tendris Holding BV. Built upon the core mission of energy efficiency, Lemnis brings LED enhanced lighting – the future of lighting technology – to homes, offices and cities to significantly reduce carbon footprint. Lemnis Lighting was founded by two great-grandsons of Anton Philips, the founder of Philips Electronics.