FTSE develops standard for socially responsible investment

FTSE announces today an innovative new family of indices named FTSE4Good, designed to be a first step towards setting a global standard in the fast growing area of socially responsible investment (SRI). FTSE4Good aims to increase awareness and acceptance of SRI amongst the international business community, and will also generate significant funds for UNICEF. ... lees meer

GRI Update February 2001

**Major Guidelines Improvement Effort Launched The revision of the June 2000 first edition of the GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines is just getting under way. One key area of revision work is the performance section (Part C, Section 6) of the Guidelines. Work on this section is taking place through the Measurement Working Group (MWG). We […] ... lees meer

New UN report finds positive link between corporate sustainable development programmes and financial success

There is a real, positive pay-off from corporate triple bottom line programmes, according to SustainAbility’s new report for the United Nations. The report, Buried Treasure: Uncovering the business case for corporate sustainability, is based on international research and finds that a strategic focus on sustainable development is both significantly and positively aligned with mainstream business success. ... lees meer

Oekom Measures Food Industry’s Appetite for Corporate Social Responsibility

German research firm publishes a study on the social and environmental performance of international food corporations. Consumer confidence in the food industry has been shaken by the controversy over genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as well as by scares such as e-coli poisoning and mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy). Oekom Research AG, a corporate social research firm based in Munich, Germany, recently analyzed the social and environmental performance of some of the major multinational producers. While the wide range of scores on various criteria were not surprising, the lower-than-average overall score suggests the industry can do better. ... lees meer

Groups Press Corporations to Disclose Enviro Risks

An environmental think tank and a socially responsible investment firm have joined forces to press corporations on reporting environmental risks. And they’ve called on the Securities and Exchange Commission for muscle. The World Resources Institute and Calvert called on corporate managers recently to fully comply with government requirements on reporting their environmental risks, and asked the SEC to strengthen its enforcement of rules intended to protect investors. ... lees meer

Corporate Environmental Research Now Available to Individual Investors

Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, Inc. and Socialfunds.com have announced a joint marketing agreement to provide individual investors with access to corporate environmental performance research previously available only to the institutional marketplace. The research reports, now offered on www.socialfunds.com, utilize Innovest’s unique methodology of correlating corporate environmental performance with stock market performance. ... lees meer

Guidance for measuring and improving business performance and stakeholder relations SMEs

The United Nations Environment ProgrammeÃ??s Division of Technology, Industry and Environment and the Eco-Efficiency and Sustainable Enterprise Group at the Wuppertal Institute in Germany have jointly developed the Efficient Entrepreneur Calendar for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In combination with an additional booklet, the Calendar provides assistance and guidance on how to measure and improve business performance and stakeholder relations in seven areas. On the basis of “You canÃ??t manage what you canÃ??t measure”, it introduces performance measures that are easy to assess and evaluate. The Calendar charts a “month-by-month” programme that ends with a simple Efficient Entrepreneur report which can be put in a global internet database. ... lees meer

Guidance on Economic Impact of Environmental Regs Issued

WASHINGTON, January 2, 2001 – Looking to create a system where all regulatory costs and benefits are treated on a consistent basis, the US Environmental Protection Agency has released its most far-reaching internal guidance on the economic impacts of environmental regulations and policies. Called, Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses, this framework will help federal policy makers who are required to develop environmental and health standards at the lowest cost. ... lees meer