The Circular Economy. A Wealth of Flows

Auteur(s): Ken Webster
Publicatie: mei 2015
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Taal: Engels

The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows Where will prosperity come from in a global economy facing rising consumer demands, environmental challenges, volatile resource prices, and the end of easy credit? Ken Webster argues that our linear ’take-make and dispose’ economy is a 19th century heritage adrift in the 21st century reality. The time is right to move towards a circular economy – a regenerative model based around feedback-rich flows allied to new business models. The economic advantage lies in designing out waste, enabling access over ownership, using materials in cascading systems and radical resource productivity with the prospect of rebuilding capital and resilience. A circular economy has profound consequences for employment, education, money and finance but also induces a shift in public policy and taxation. The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows” gives a stimulating overview of this emerging framework for economic prosperity reinvented. Ken Webster is Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a leading think tank on the circular economy. He is a major contributor to the development and communication of ideas in this field. For this publication Ken has sought contributions from leading experts including colleague Jocelyn Bleriot at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Walter Stahel at the Product-Life Institute, Geneva.