Managing the Transition to a Sustainable Enterprise. Lessons from Frontrunner Companies

Auteur(s): Rob van Tulder, Rob van Tilburg
Publicatie: augustus 2013
Taal: Engels

In combining practice and theory, this textbook provides a management perspective on the ‘business case’ for sustainability. Drawing on examples from 20 frontrunner companies located in the Netherlands, it builds upon a unique research project in which CEOs and middle-managers gave access not only to their decision-making process, but also revealed how their perceptions shaped the transition process.

This book identifies four different archetypes of business cases and related business models that business students and managers can use to identify phases and related attitudes towards sustainability. The book provides in-depth analysis and insight into:

  • theoretical concepts and an overview of the relevant literature
  • the different business cases for sustainability
  • behavioural characteristics of each phase and the typical barriers between them
  • • more than 70 tipping points
  •  approaches to shaping stakeholder dialogue
  • • effective engagement of stakeholders in each phase of transition
  • • how companies move through the phases towards higher levels of sustainability
  • • insights of employees of the 20 companies whether the business case was really achieved
  • • summary of the interventions which have proved successful in these companies.

This book offers students as well as managers of vocational and academic institutions at undergraduate and postgraduate level insight into real-life transition processes towards sustainability.