A new Playbook gives insights how behavioral science can supercharge the way companies embed CSR into their business

A new playbook publised by consultancy firm Reconsidered explores how insights from the world of behavioral science can supercharge the way companies embed social responsibility into their business.

The world is changing — and with it, our expectations of business. Today, companies are expected to stand for more than just their bottom line. It’s no longer enough to give lip service to social responsibility through siloed efforts and oneoff projects. Empowered stakeholders and consumers are demanding that companies integrate social responsibility into the very core of how they do business — and they’re calling companies out when they don’t. In turn, the role of the social responsibility practitioner is shifting. Teams are being called on to educate, empower and equip people across the business to own the sustainability agenda. They need to spark culture change, create internal movements and build consensus among people who don’t usually agree with each other. They need to persuade, nudge and influence people to change the very way they approach their jobs. The job description is changing — from program manager to change agent.

We need an approach informed by the latest insights in behavioral science, an interdisciplinary field that draws from fields like cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, sociology and anthropology. We need to explore questions like: What are the drivers of behavior change? What motivates people? And how can we make sustainable change more, well, sustainable? In the playbook, Reconsidered shares a few of the insights that they have found most fascinating from months of research and conversations with leading behavioral researchers and social responsibility practitioners.

Download the Playbook (after request)

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