Sustainability Methodology Research Intern – Sustainability

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  • Amsterdam


Dayrize is bringing product environmental impact transparency to the mass consumer market, making it accessible for brands of all sizes to understand and improve the sustainable performance of their products.

Dayrize’s purpose is to bring consumption within planetary boundaries by helping businesses and consumers reduce their impact. We have developed the most advanced impact measurement technology, which provides impact transparency for consumer products across 5 dimensions of sustainability.

We have already partnered with over 500 brands and scored thousands of products, and we are just getting started. We have ambitious plans to bring impact transparency to every consumer product in the world. To ensure that the scoring of products is as accurate as possible, we have a materials database that contains environmental impact data on more than 4000 materials. As we score more and more products, more and more materials enter our database, and it is up to us to expand the database and maintain the quality of data used.


In this role, you will be supporting the Methodology Research team with:

  • Developing methodologies for assessing the sustainability of consumer goods products
  • Interacting with Dayrize’s Tech team to implement the new methodologies into Dayrize scoring
  • Diving into Life cycle assessment (LCA) papers, academic journals, and sector publications
  • Regulatory research

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