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Are you a passionate, driven student eager to dive into the world of sustainability and make a real difference?

The job

Your key responsibilities will include becoming an expert on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) legislation and understanding its impact on our business and clients. You’ll break down our client base to see how the CSRD affects different segments, creating a roadmap that outlines challenges and opportunities to help us and our clients stay ahead. You’ll evaluate our current digital tools and suggest improvements to make compliance easy and effective.

The roadmap will lay the groundwork for the development and refinement of digital services tailored to assist our customers in adhering to the CSRD legislation. This may include the design and implementation of user-friendly reporting tools, data management systems, or compliance platforms that streamline the process of sustainability reporting and enhance transparency across the supply chain.

Ready to take on this exciting challenge and make a positive impact?

CSRD is a relatively new topic. Therefore, your research topic is not set in stone, and we would like to discuss with you what topics could be interesting for you and us as an organization and fits our goal to chart a strategic roadmap. Suggestions for research topics are:

  • Investigate how CSRD legislation will affect different types of clients within the EPG ecosystem.
  • Develop criteria for segmenting EPG’s clients based on their CSRD compliance needs.
  • Identify and analyze best practices in sustainability reporting from leading companies.
  • Understanding sustainability impacts of digital tools and the value chains of EPG clients.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current digital tools in facilitating CSRD compliance and propose enhancements.

This internship offers real-world impact by working on a research project that directly influences our company’s strategy and helps our clients succeed. You’ll gain hands-on experience in sustainability, digital transformation, and regulatory compliance, and you’ll benefit from mentorship by learning from industry experts who are passionate about sustainability and eager to help you grow. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with professionals in the sustainability sector and build your career network.

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