Environmental and Climate Change Specialist

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Tony's Chocolonely

We are in search of an Environmental and Climate Change Specialist to join our team at Tony’s Open Chain. The #1 goal is to advance Tony’s Open Chain’s impact initiatives to a globally recognized standard by focusing on environmental sustainability and climate action while generating tangible benefits for farming households.

In this role, you will be part of a team of specialists and lead initiatives to ensure that our

As the leader of a “Center of excellence” within our environmental initiatives, you will design impactful and innovative programs, setting ambitious benchmarks for sustainability and conservation in our cocoa-producing landscapes. Collaborating closely with team members and colleagues in West Africa, you will play a pivotal role in raising standards and effecting positive change.

Here’s Is What You Will Do

  • Lead pioneering programs for environmental sustainability and climate action.
  • Develop a robust, long-term strategy for the “center of excellence,” aligning with Tony’s Chocolonely’s values.
  • Work closely with the West Africa teams to implement programs within our expanding supply chain, with credible approaches that work at scale.
  • Secure external funds, manage budgets, and assess the cost-benefit of interventions to align with the Tony’s Open Chain business model.
  • Ensure accountability and forge an evidence-driven, collaborative environment by convening a diverse array of stakeholders, including governments in West Africa, and experts from within and beyond the organisation.
  • Provide clear guidance and mentorship to colleagues and partner cooperatives who are the first-mile implementers of the 5 Sourcing Principles.
  • Utilise your expertise to pilot innovative solutions for environmental conservation and climate resilience, leveraging data modelling where applicable.
  • Regularly monitor and refine programs, setting high standards for the industry and exceeding best practices.
  • Evaluate environmental metrics and traceability, ensuring effective implementation and approach.

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