The report describes the impact of chemicals companies on the environment and society, discusses the opportunities and risks such issues present and outlines ways in which companies can address them. The report identifies five key social, environmental and other ethical challenges for the sector:
. Climate change
. Resource use
. Chemicals of concern in products
. Chemical process safety
. Marketplace conduct

Nick Robins of UK fund manager Henderson Global Investors said, “This report clearly describes the top five sustainability challenges for the chemical sector in the next five to ten years. We believe investors should be taking a closer look at these issues and companies should be showing strategic competence in their management of them. Importantly, there are also a number of opportunities for companies to provide solutions to these challenges and therefore generate attractive returns for investors.”

EIRIS’ Research Manager, Mary Paterson, welcomed the report: “We were delighted to work with Eurosif to analyse the key environmental and social issues facing the chemical industry, particularly now, at a time when investors may be looking to find out how chemical companies will respond to planned European Commission regulation of the sector.”

The report is the second in a series of Eurosif publications aimed at raising awareness among a wide audience on the nature and understanding of the social and environmental challenges, as well as related business opportunities resulting from addressing such challenges, facing business sectors in Europe.
Matt Christensen, Eurosif Executive Director said, “We expect that investors and policy makers will find this note timely due to EC discussions on the REACH directive [regulating the industry].”