Progress report: the latest scoop on G3

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Last month over 32,000 visitors searched for sustainability reports using our
online “reports database.”

Work on G3 indicators now underway: A major multi-stakeholder undertaking
A series of working groups involving over 60 experts have been formed, and during
the month of March, had their first round of meetings.

Sector Supplement for Public Agencies released
Recent interest from public agencies to use the Guidelines created a need for
specialised guidance in the form of a Sector Supplement.

Now available: Financial Services Sector Supplement
An international multi-stakeholder process, conducted in partnership with UNEP-FI,
has yielded specialised guidance that will help financial services companies
better utilize the GRI Guidelines.

Reminder: Clarification note issued on ‘in accordance’ elements
As this is the peak season for report preparation, GRI has received an increased
number of questions about what makes a report ‘in accordance’ with the 2002 Guidelines.

OS members keep supporting GRI
Nine new organisations joined GRI’s OS programme this past month to show their
support for GRI, in addition to 11 organisations who renewed their commitments.

Latest reporters this month
The number of Spanish reporters continues to rise, as four more companies – Vodafone
Espana, Cercanias Renfe, Alta Veolcidad Renfe, and FCC Construcción S.A. – added
their reports to GRI’s database .