Husqvarna Group begins the next phase in sustainability after five years of successfully integrating sustainability deeper into their business through the framework called Sustainovate.  With Sustainovate 2025, we have a clear aspiration to lead our industry in the transformation to a resource-smart economy.

We have made significant progress, especially in reducing our absolute CO2 emissions, achieving a 25 percent reduction since 2015. However we cannot stop here. We need to accelerate our actions to address the urgency of the sustainability challenge. That’s why we are launching Sustainovate 2025. In this next phase, we aim to pioneer products and services that are fit for the future – delivering step-change efficiency and smarter use of resources,” says Kai Wärn, President and CEO of Husqvarna Group.

Sustainovate 2025 will focus on driving transformation in our industry through three opportunities — Carbon, Circular and People – each with distinct aspirations on the difference we want to make. New targets to 2025 will help us measure our progress:

Carbon: To drive the transition to low-carbon solutions.
By 2025, we will reduce absolute CO2 emissions by 35 percent across the value chain, reflecting our commitment to reducing our fair share of CO2 , in line with society’s ambition to limit a global temperature rise of 1.5C

Circular: To rethink and redesign for a resource-smart customer experience
By 2025, we will launch 50 circular innovations

People: To inspire actions that make a lasting difference
By 2025, we will empower 5 million customers and colleagues to make sustainable choices

Husqvarna Group has a strong track record of demonstrating the business case for sustainability. As reported in our Sustainovate Progress Report 2019, we are decoupling business growth from our COemissions. Over the last four years, we have reduced our absolute CO2 emissions by 25 percent while increasing sales by 17 percent. This is largely supported by the shift to battery-powered and robotics technologies.