On 21-22 November, more than 250 delegates from all EU Members States and from candidate countries gathered to discuss the way forward for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the framework of a conference organised by The Copenhagen Centre and the Danish Ministry of Employment with support from DG Employment of the European Commission.
Taking the Commission’s recent Communication as a starting point, the delegates discussed how to “mainstream” CSR across Europe. They raised the question of how CSR could become a common cause for employers, trade unions, civil society and governments by adding to already existing commercial, social, labour market and environmental strategies. The participants discussed whether there was a need for regulatory measures and the roles of governments in this regard.

In the context of the conference, a number of publications were introduced to the public, including a first-time overview by CSR Europe and The Copenhagen Centre, of Corporate Social Responsibility efforts across Europe issuing from the ongoing European Business Campaign 2005 on CSR.

The Danish National Network of Business Leaders awarded special CSR prizes to Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou and CSR Europe Chair Etienne Davignon.

The Council is expected to adopt its Resolution on CSR during its 2-3 December session. The EU Multistakeholder Forum will begin its roundtable discussions in the first quarter of 2003.