The story so far – Inspiration at Work survey:
The survey set out to understand what – apart from money – motivates talented professionals in their work and how they feel about the purpose of their organisation. Over 2,000 professionals from around the world took part, with respondents from both the corporate and not-for-profit world.
The major focus of the research was to identify the differences between importance and experience in some key features of work. The research also studied how people compare their paid work with unpaid voluntary activities. The survey revealed that an organisation’s “ethical reputation” is one of the most influential factors encouraging people to stay for the long term: people want to feel connected to their organisation’s purpose.

Moving forward – eFocus Group on Corporate Reputation:
The recent Earth Summit in Johannesburg put the spotlight on the role of large corporations. Are they villains, as the anti-globalisation campaigners claim, or are they the best hope for delivering change? In reality, how does this affect the way each of us act as investors, clients, consumers, employees or members of the community?
To find out, Ci will be running an internet discussion (eFocus group) about these issues, in which professionals from around the world will be joined by senior corporate executives from different industry sectors.

Making an impact – Ci Forum Renewing Corporate Reputation:
The anti-business movement is fuelled almost daily by new business scandals. As a result, large companies now face a serious threat to their future success. This Ci Forum, taking place from the 22nd to the 24th of October 2002 in Nice, France, aims to break away from the defensive mood and start building for a positive future.
Equipped with a clear understanding of what creates and destroys shareholder value, and with fresh insights into the mindset of tomorrow’s top talent, a small group of senior executives will develop a collaborative plan to help their organisations communicate its unique purpose and identity.