“This is the first time a corporate environmental research product has been available to individual investors,” said Peter Wilkes, Managing Director of Innovest. “With the increase in number of socially responsible mutual funds and continued public concern for environmental issues, it just made sense to provide our research to individuals. We are very pleased to team up with SocialFunds.com as the premier personal finance site for social investors,” he continued.

The product is an annual subscription to monthly industry reports. Each report includes an industry overview, charts and graphs on specific companies, the official Innovest Ratings (from AAA to CCC) on companies in the particular industry, and the correlation with stock market performance. The first report, available now on SocialFunds.com, rates the top environmental companies in the computer industry. Future reports will include the pharmaceutical, petroleum, semiconductor, automobile, and food industries. Additional Innovest research products can also be purchased on-line through the Innovest Store at SocialFunds.com.

“Innovest’s industry reports will help investors identify and profit from leading socially responsible companies” declared to Jay Falk, President of SRI World Group. “Our partnership with Innovest furthers our mission to empower individual social investors with unique research,” Falk added.