Boekbestelling ‘Triple P Business Development in the Dutch agro-food sector’

201011011042269160The 21st Century will be dominated by innovations in order to realize sustainable development. Innovative entrepreneurs will search for and create Triple P business cases and thereby transform industries. The Dutch agro-food sector innovation programme TransForum has stimulated and supported a wide range of projects over a number of years to start and develop metropolitan agriculture. 

In this book a selection of nine cases form the basis for a wide range of problems and solutions applied by innovative entrepreneurs to revolutionize the Dutch agriculture sector. The research, carried out by Nyenrode Business University and Ynnovate, demonstrates a comprehensive view on the preparation, launch and initial growth of new Triple P business cases. Based on a constructive critical look from different angles, the process of innovation linked to value creation is analysed. 

The creation of new business models is central in the transformation towards a sustainable agro-food industry. It appears that the popular scientific approaches of scenario planning and transition management should be replaced by the theory of strategic innovation. Future entrepreneurs can get their inspiration from the numerous decisions and actions taken by their fellow entrepreneurs described in the cases and get started supported by the self assessment tool.


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