Circle Economy’s latest report: Circular Jobs in Belgium; A baseline analysis of employment in the circular economy in Belgium, provides insight into the nature and amount of jobs in the country’s circular economy. The research, supported by the Belgian King Baudouin Foundation, presents a baseline measurement on employment in the Belgian circular economy. The report follows Circle Economy’s 2017 analysis, developed in collaboration with the Erasmus Research Institute for Happiness Economics, that established 8.1% of jobs in the Netherlands are circular. The Belgian and Dutch numbers are largely comparable and are the first starting points in the journey to understand the effects of the circular economy on our labour market.

All the results of the report are available on an online monitor.

“As the pressure on natural resources grows, ’the right talent’ becomes an increasingly sought-after scarce resource too. In the transition to the circular economy, we need to put people on equal footing with planet and profit. Monitoring circular jobs gives us the insights to ensure this transition advances employment opportunities and continues to foster innovation.” – Joke Dufourmont, Programme Lead Jobs & Skills, Circle Economy

Read the full report (Dutch, pdf)

Read the full report (English, pdf)