Sustainability Specialist

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Van Oord

Sustainability is high on Van Oord’s agenda. To this end, a large-scale transformation programme has been set up, which can be divided into two parts:

  • Delivery of net positive impact through the transformation of our current operations into more sustainable solutions;
  • Development of new sustainable business through continuous innovation with respect to the sustainability vision.

For the transformation of our current portfolio, we are looking for a Sustainability Specialist. In this role, you will share responsibility for delivering key elements of Van Oord’s global sustainability strategy. You will work closely with the Sustainability Programme Manager to ensure the implementation of the Sustainability Programme. You will be responsible for activities including communication regarding the programme, organising and participating in events, promotion, and delivery of the knowledge agenda, and continuously looking for opportunities to innovate. You are specifically responsible for internal and external reporting.

Your responsibilities

In this position, you will also act as a project leader for some of the multidisciplinary projects within the sustainability programme. You will ensure that they are delivered within scope, quality, time and budget. You draw up the planning, coordinate it with all parties involved, provide progress reports, prepare project meetings and agendas. It is your task to involve and manage the stakeholders, both internal and external.

This position includes the following responsibilities:

  • Effectively support the Programme Manager in implementation of the sustainability programme within the business units, departments, projects, and fleet of Van Oord.
  • Advising the Sustainability Programme Manager, Director Corporate Affairs, the Executive Committee, and the management of the business units tactically and strategically regarding implementation of sustainability.
  • Maintaining a network of knowledge institutes (universities, etc.), NGOs and business partners. In doing so, you represent Van Oord internally and externally.
  • Keeping abreast of new market developments related to sustainability. You can integrate this information into the existing programme to keep it on track and make it future proof.
  • Involving and enthusing colleagues and new employees in Van Oord’s sustainability initiatives.
  • Preparation and alignment of the internal and external reporting on sustainability.

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