Sustainability Specialist

  • Hoorn

Innovative Beauty Group

As a growing organization, we are constantly working on the future. To strengthen our New Product Development team within Fasten, we are looking for a Sustainability Specialist.


You have broad knowledge of innovative material development to replace plastics, including production techniques and applications. Based on your knowledge of (bio) Polymers, the circular process of plastics and global laws and guidelines, you advice team FASTEN about sustainability, the application of (or alternatives to) plastics in our packaging solutions. You work together in a hard-working and successful team of Senior Product Engineers and Designers that go for the maximum achievable at design and technical level. You are involved in all activities and stages of the product development process. These include:

  • Contributing to research into innovative materials to replace plastics and increasing knowledge in the field of innovative materials;
  • Increasing knowledge in the field of application and (mass) production of innovative materials;
  • Follow global developments with regard to innovative materials to replace plastics and the circular use of plastics;
  • Sharing knowledge about (worldwide) laws and guidelines;
  • Maintaining contact with LCA and other advisory companies;
  • Answering external sustainability questions;
  • Knowledge of the recycling process of many different sorts of materials broken down by country of supply and production;
  • Co-developing solutions products in accordance with the (sustainability)requirements;
  • Co-developing packaging solutions that can be produced and assembled;
  • Checking that the solutions meet the product and material specifications and tolerances;

Designing at Fasten means passion for (beauty) packaging, love for the engineering profession and possibilities in the field of materials and production techniques. You are therefore constantly working on “what is possible?”. Together with the team we go for “the next level”, also in the field of Design, Innovatie and Sustainability. You also think about what is happening in the team; we are always open to improvement. Above all, we love a bias for action and and entreprenueral spirit. After all there is plenty to do! And… how cool is it if you find the product you worked on in the store and perhaps in every random bathroom cabinet in every household?

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