Sustainability Manager


Sibelco mines and manufactures a wide range of mineral products for both local and international markets. Founded in 1872, Sibelco began in Europe and has grown into one of the largest industrial minerals companies in the world – privately owned and multinational, our vision is to be the best Global Material Solutions Company. We are market driven, operationally excellent and offer a compelling culture.

Sustainability at Sibelco:

Sustainable development and responsible business practices are some of the core values that guide Sibelco. We recognize that today’s decisions can have long-term consequences, and we need to proactively manage our operations and resources to ensure a beneficial and sustainable future for our employees, customers, community members and stakeholders.

Sibelco are proud to share that news that at the recent IMA-Europe Recognition Awards an independent expert jury awarded Sibelco Belgium/UK/Netherlands the Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services Award for the project “Heathland Restoration in a whole-of-life approach”.


Sibelco Netherlands is comprised of 8 sites, 2 quarries and 6 mineral processing sites of varying sizes.

Sustainability at Sibelco focuses on stakeholder and community engagement near Sibelco sites, long term continuity of Sibelco sites, reduction of environmental impact wherever possible and focuses on leaving a positive legacy through multiple areas of the business

As Sustainability Manager you will support Sibelco in delivering leading Sustainability and Environmental performance by balancing short and long term priorities to drive enduring value to our stakeholders and business.

You will be the internal expert and project leader of permits, compliance and risk management within the environmental field and our representative when interacting with authorities, land neighbors and other stakeholders.

Key accountabilities:

• Managing strategic permitting for the operations within the Netherlands to assure the legal and social license to operate

• Managing environmental and sustainability compliance and risks

• Managing legacy and continuing access to land

• Stakeholder engagement and reputation; proactively engage with stakeholders at different levels

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