Sustainability Internship

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Goal of the internship

The goal is to implement a module in our current sustainability monitoring system, that helps us better understand deforestation.

Besides this specific assignment there will be enough opportunities to test your creativity and to help us achieve our sustainability commitments. You will be supported by our innovative team to develop your personal skills and programming skills.

What are your challenges?

You get the chance to work together with the Sustainability team on a sustainable supply chain. The team works with its own developed monitoring system, to make sure we source deforestation free. Your challenge is the make data understandable, and flow into our decision making platform. The platform is still under development, so you support elevating this project to the level where real positive impact on the supply chain takes place.

The internship at Sustainability will exist of process automation within our current sustainability platform. This platform is used to visualize our supply chain and to make any issues measurable and actionable. We can take the right actions in the right place, using this system. For this reason the internship plays an important role in achieving our sustainable commitments. In order for the team to have a positive impact it is necessary that actions are taken quickly and effectively, and therefore that the right information arrives at the right person.


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