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Pepsi Max, Lay’s, Quaker, Looza, Cheetos, Doritos, sounds tasty and great fun right 😎?! That’s also what an internship at PepsiCo is! Joining a crispy team with salted opinion where going the extra mile and vibrant thinking are encouraged. Be bold, find your spark and taste one of our internships!

First Gen Internship:

Graduated or finishing up the last leads? Excited to finally make an impact 🤞 and work with fantastic and tasty brands? Totally in the mood for the kick off of your career within the most dynamic and vibrant sector: FMCG?! What are you waiting for, you won’t get bored 😅!

Every 6 months PepsiCo Northern Europe is looking for YOU – the greatest young talent. What is it exactly?! Well, in short, you will be full time occupied with projects, responsibilities and learnings we will offer you. Indeed, not only on-the-job learning but we will also develop you into a true professional. What that means? Mentoring sessions, a buddy programskills trainingconsistent feedback, no kidding, you will rock 🤟.

Whoever you are (sparkly, salty, spicy, the dip to our Doritos or the bubbles for our Sodastream), you are more than welcome within our international, diverse and inclusive culture 🧑🦽 🧕 🧔‍♂️ ♀️!

And don’t worry, you will not be alone in this amazing story, you will be together with 30 other PepsiCo lovers who will definitely enjoy the FIRST GEN ride 🥳! a Sustainability Intern sounds as your can of Pepsi?! Then free up your agenda 📖 from Monday the 30th of January 2023.

What will you learn as a Sustainability Intern?

As a sustainability Intern you will be responsible for eliminating unnecessary use of electricity. You will have a great opportunity to complete your own projects from start to finish and deal with the topic of electricity consumption and savings in our production plant. You will be an intern that can make your ideas reality, give good solutions and is also able to implement them (not only work with the head but also with the hands in the field).

  • Setting up and end-to-end leading a project to eliminate unnecessary use of electricity
  • Cooperation with all stakeholders of the Zaadam plant (e.g. maintenance, production, quality, supply chain and the plant management)
  • Working on analyses and insights, preparation of reports, data collection
  • Evaluation and reporting with the help of different systems and tools (e.g. MS Office applications, data matrix, SAP)
  • Searching solutions and implementing them
  • Participation in the team meetings and making your own contribution to the sustainability area at PepsiCo

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