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Sail Ventures

Sail Ventures (“Sail”) is a boutique investment management firm based in The Netherlands and focused on catalyzing sustainable measurable returns for our investors over the longterm.

Established in 2017, Sail acts as the Investment Advisor for the &Green Fund, a blended finance investment vehicle with a mission to catalyze scalable investments into environmentally & socially sustainable and inclusive production in commodity value chains that are directly or indirectly linked to forest protection in tropical regions. &Green was launched with over US$100 million in committed capital and is targeting an active portfolio of over US$400 million by 2022. The investor base is a mix of public and private sector institutional contributors. Environmental and social return in the landscapes of &Green’s investments are critical factors towards &Green’s impact targets (

Sail’s role as Investment Advisor includes originating, structuring and executing on all transactions for &Green, and then monitoring and evaluation of these projects as part of the portfolio management process.

Beyond &Green, we are developing other strategies, all of which focus on generating longterm economic, environmental and social impact. SAIL aims to become a top tier globallyfocused and independent investment company which invests only in assets that generate measurable sustainable returns.

Sail is a firm with an inclusive culture where integrity, humility and curiosity are values we live through our daily principles. Just as in our investment strategy, we take a long-term view on staff, aiming to hire ambitious, engaged people who are interested in being part of an idea and sticking the course to see real on-the-ground results delivered. Our vision is that everyone in our team can grow with our company, contributing to and sharing in the success we create as a team.

We are currently looking to strengthen our team of investment professionals with a Sustainability Analyst. The Sustainability Analyst will complement Sail’s existing capabilities and work globally with Sail’s team of E&S, Supply Chain and Investment Specialists. She/he will support the Sail team in analysing, monitoring, managing and reporting the impact, environmental and social return and E&S risk of our investments.


1. ESG and landscape protection monitoring for &Green
– Monitor compliance by &Green investees with the E&S Action Plans (ESAPs) and Landscape Protection Plans (LPPs) that &Green makes part of the agreements with each investee. These plans specify actions required to mitigate E&S risk and the investee’s commitment to environmental return and social inclusion targets.
– Track ESAP and LPP compliance across &Green’s portfolio; generate reports; handle project information disclosure and updates.
– Engage clients regarding their compliance, analyze deliverables and, where necessary, work with the wider Sail team to improve investees’ environmental and social impact performance.
– Support the Sail team in managing tenders for ESG and impact related third party services, such as E&S risk assessments of clients and development of LPPs.

2. Impact measurement and reporting
– Build and manage the on-going monitoring of Sail’s portfolio and the assessment of environmental return potential through a satellite monitoring approach.
– Coordinate with relevant actors that generate satellite- / remote sensing-based information, such as service providers and publicly available platforms.
– Analyze geographical information provided by pipeline and investee projects regarding (potential) impact on forests and other biodiversity values.
– Contribute to the environmental return, impact and E&S risk reporting towards investors, stakeholders and the public.
3. Research and Analysis
– Strengthen the team’s insights through analytical research of transactions, project sponsors, jurisdictional and sectoral frameworks, including sustainability standards, legislation and international climate policy and finance. The research may be used internally and externally.
– Support jurisdictional assessments for the &Green Fund (examples can be found on &Green’s website).
– Research and analyze sector, project and client climate impact, resilience and transformational potential.
4. Business development and communications
– Support the assessment of new leads for their impact potential in the context of the mandates which Sail manages.
– Develop communication tools and materials highlighting Sail’s approach and achievements of the mandates which we manage.
– Engage with stakeholders, such as NGOs, or bilateral and multilateral development agencies, to identify and utilise synergies with Sail’s activities and to coordinate joint communications.

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