Senior Advisor Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Learning

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KIT Royal Tropical Institute

KIT Royal Tropical Institute is a non-for-profit organisation that aims to enhance the positive impact of agencies, governments and corporations on sustainable development in low-and middle-income countries. Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a general framework for action, we translate practice into knowledge, and apply this knowledge to achieve the aims of the SDGs. We are able to achieve this by exercising the knowledge we gain in advisory services, research, teaching, training, dialogue and discussions. The Institute also runs a hotel and a restaurant, and offers office space and conference facilities on its premises.

The department of Sustainable Economic Development and Gender comprises an international team of advisors working to improve the performance of programmes, companies and organisations that pursue sustainable and inclusive development. The Impact Assessments, Evaluation and Learning portfolio translates the expressed need of its partners for evidence into researchable questions and tailored methodologies. We turn the question of which strategies improve livelihoods into traceable evidence, either using qualitative or quantitative methods, or a mix of these.

We seek a senior advisor for 32-38 hours/week to strengthen our team on evaluations, monitoring systems, mid-term reviews and learning trajectories. The desired candidates should have a particularly strong background in quantitative research methods and statistics.

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